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Manufacturing and Retailing Swords, Knives, and Medieval Collectibles
Jalic Blades

Welcome to Jalic-Blades.com, the hub for information on the manufacturing and retailing division of Jalic Inc. We are manufacturers and retailers of swords, knives, and medieval collectibles. Currently you may purchase from us at one of the following two sites:

Valyrian SteelValyrian Steel is the line of swords that we are manufacturing. They are based off the New York Times #1 selling book series, "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin. There is also a TV series on HBO called "Game of Thrones" based on this series.
CB Swords features swords, armor, and other medieval items, and also movie collectibles. CBswords.com features The Lord of the Rings Swords, Kit Rae Swords, and swords from other popular movies, books, and TV shows.

Hobbit Swords is a retailer officially licensed products from The Hobbit movies, and Lord of the Rings movies..
Chain Mail DepotChain Mail Depot is our chainmail specialty store featuring a variety of chainmail or other medieval armor accessories at competitive prices and low shipping costs.
Fantasy JewelryFantasy Jewelry Outlet is our jewelry store featuring original unique fantasy designs, as well as licensed replicas from The Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, Magic: The Gathering, and others.
4 Discount Knives is a retailer of hunting, survival, utility, and throwing knives. 4DiscountKnives.com also features knives by Gil Hibben and Harley Davidson.